iBinder have developed a project tool that has its roots and soul within the construction industry, where they saw a need for an effective project management system. The template for iBinder's project tool “Pärmen” is the analog binder. iBinder's system follows the form of the construction industries project folder, and is based on the same simple and intuitive logic.

The Challenge

iBinder is a company with strong growth, which creates challenges in keeping up with evolving their products. When iBinder contacted Indpro, they needed help both with bringing in more developers, with management and project management for their own and external developers.

Case in brief

  • Company: iBinder is a leader, and under strong growth, in services for digital information management in the construction and real estate industry in the Nordics.
  • Partnership: Indpro's dedicated team is an important part of iBinder's development organization, and supports the development, and further development, of new products and services.
  • Expertise from Indpro: Web and system development within .NET, React and Azure, as well as Swedish project management.

The solution

Indpro provided iBinder with a team of .Net developers, and also a project manager to provide full support for the entire development team.

The result

iBinder has seen increased efficiency in its development, they've managed to develop more in a shorter time and have thus responded to customer wishes and new additions to the product more swiftly. iBinder Pärmen has increased their users from 70,000 to 120,000 in two years .

    “Indpro has given us a strength in development that we did not have ourselves, and we have also gained better control over our requirements, our planning and our quality.”


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