Our cases

Many of our collaborations start with a small project and then develop into a long-term partnership. Therefore, we have been part of many exciting journeys with over 250 customers since our start in 2005. Here we discuss some of the challenges that we have worked with and the solutions that we created.

Mathem - Successful teamwork from the start

Mathem - Successful teamwork from the start

Entrepreneur Tomas Kull needed development expertise to build the first version of mathem.se. The choice was Indpro, and since then, our teams have been part of Mathem's successful development organization.

Fenix begravning — the startup digitizing the funeral industry

Three management consultants all had the same idea - to digitize the funeral industry. We helped them make sustainable technology choices and to build a platform that meets the needs of both their customers and employees.

Fenix begravning — the startup digitizing the funeral industry

Fortum — IoT for the energy solutions of the future

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Technology is the key to a more sustainable world. Together with our IT specialists, Fortum has developed a cloud-based business system that enables the energy services of the future.

Tyréns - For better societies

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Tyréns AB is one of the leading consulting companies in civil engineering, with approximately 1,000 employees in about 20 offices around Sweden. Tyréns offers services in urban planning and infrastructure, as well as for buildings and properties.


More about Fordonsbolaget

Fordonsbolaget is one of Sweden's absolute most digitally forward-leaning car dealers, with a modern approach and solution for buying cars online. complex and sustainable solutions from order to test to delivery.


More about iBinder

iBinder is a company with very strong growth, which creates challenges with developing all products in time. In short, iBinder needs more skilled hands in its growing development organization.

Senab Interior

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Senab is one of the Nordic countries' leading suppliers of furnishings for public environments, offices, hotels, restaurants and shops.