Fenix begravning — The startup digitizing the funural industry

The startup Fenix begravning is digitizing the funeral industry. It is business critical that their platform is user-friendly for both customers and employees. Through our developers, they have a solution that is innovative and sustainable.

The challenge

Fenix was started in 2014 by three management consultants who all saw the opportunity to digitize the funeral industry. They turned to Indpro for help creating a funeral service where the customer can book everything online. The technical platform needed to fulfill several needs and to serve as a project tool, CRM and e-commerce solution.

Case in brief

  • Company: Fenix begravning, the startup offering online funeral and legal services.
  • Partnership: Indpro developed the first versions of the platform and continues to deliver new functionality.
  • Expertise from Indpro: Web and system development within .NET, React and AWS.

The solution

Indpro built the platform from scratch in close collaboration with Fenix's team. Fenix produced a design and specified the functionality needed. Indpro suggested which technology to use, and built the platform with AWS and microservice architecture. The project went live a year after start, where a large part of the project consisted of the launch of, and integration with, the new business system.

The result

Fenix begravning now has a digital solution for funerals and family law that is at the the absolute forefront of the market. The platform helps Fenix's staff to work efficiently and transparently. At the same time, customers get a much simpler and better funeral planning experience. The collaboration between Fenix and Indpro has been ongoing since the start in 2018. Fenix has a team of developers from Indpro that continuously delivers improvements and new functionality to the platform.

    “The team has been engaged since day one and we've worked closely together. I don't think that our platform would have been as good with another partner.

    JOHANNES EKBLAD, CTO and Co-founder, Fenix begravning

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