Fordonsbolaget — The car dealer of the future

Fordonsbolaget is one of Sweden's absolutely most digitally forward-leaning car dealers, with a modern approach and solution for buying cars online. They build their own solutions to streamline internal processes, but at the same time also give their customers the best possible experience when buying their car online.

The challenge

Since the beginning, Fordonsbolaget's goal has been to run a business that was more modern and more digital than a traditional car dealership. They knew that it required new IT-solutions, which needed to be in place quickly, at the same rate as the strong growth Fordonsbolaget experienced, and still experiences today.

Case in brief

  • Company: Fordonsbolaget is one of Sweden's absolute most digitally forward-leaning car dealers, with a modern approach and solution for buying cars online.
  • Partnership: Indpro is instrumental in the development of the platform, with a dedicated full-stack team of developers.
  • Expertise from Indpro: Web and system development in Java, Angular and AWS.

The solution

The need was quite clear, resources needed to be added, with strong competence, to deliver a first version of, but also to work long-term with the solutions. Indpro assists Fordonsbolaget with a dedicated team of front- and back-end developers, who work closely with product owners and stakeholders.

The result

Fordonsbolaget now have a digital platform and infrastructure that is unique on the market. On one hand, the platform helps Fordonsbolaget's staff to work more efficiently with internal processes. At the same time, customers get a better purchasing experience for both used and new cars online.

    “When the team is so committed, and really wants to understand the business, it becomes easy to come up with the best solutions.”

    CHRISTIAN DOVRELL, COO AT fordonsbolaget

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