Fortum — IoT for the energy solutions of the future

The startup Info24 was early with developing solutions within the Internet of things. Together with our IT-specialists, they've developed a cloud-based business system that enables the energy services of the future. We've stayed on as a partner after Info24 was bought by Fortum.

The challenge

In 2008, Indpro was contacted by Info24, a startup specialising in the development of business solutions within the Internet of Things, IoT. The small company needed help developing a cloud-based business system. The work required Indpro to master the latest technology in order to enable so-called M2M communication, machine-to-machine communication.

Case in brief

  • Company: The energy giant Fortum which, through the acquisition of Info24, develops solutions within the Internet of things.
  • Partnership: Indpro was contacted by Info24 in 2008. The partnership has continued since the startup was bought by Fortum in 2006.
  • Expertise from Indpro: Web and IoT/system development within .NET and Java.

The solution

Together with Info24, our IoT experts worked to build Tingco, which simply described is a business system for connected gadgets. The solution enables the development of various services and offer a variety of functions such as technical monitoring and payment processing.

The result

In 2016, Info24 was acquired by the energy giant Fortum, which through the acquisition can now develop solutions for the next-generation of energy services. Tingco, for example, enables drivers of electric cars to monitor the status of their vehicle directly on their mobile. Indpro has remained as a partner throughout the development process. Fortum has a team of developers who sit at Indpro and continuously work to improve the system.

    “Indpro understands our business and it works as a true, long-term collaboration”


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