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Tyréns AB is one of the leading consulting companies within civil engineering, with approximately 1,000 employees in about 20 offices around Sweden. Tyréns offer services in urban planning and infrastructure, as well as for buildings and properties.

The Challenge

Tyréns has a continuous need to develop and improve its IT-products. This places demands for a supplier that can offer long-term support with a knowledge build-up of developers. It also requires specific skills in integration with CAD and drawing programs.

Case in brief

  • Company: Tyréns is one of Sweden's leading consulting companies in civil engineering and creates sustainable solutions in urban development and infrastructure.
  • Partnership: Indpro has, since a decade ago, supported Tyréns in the development of IT products for both Tyrén's internal use and for Tyrén's corporate customers.
  • Expertise from Indpro: Web and system development within .NET, React, and Azure.

The solution

Indpro appointed a team with specialist knowledge within the requested competence, who had the conditions to build up knowledge around a very broad product suite. This gave Tyrén access to a dedicated team working on developing their products.

The result

Indpro is a long-term and reliable partner of Tyréns, who can respond to most project requests. Tyréns has continuously hired Indpro for new developments and further development for most of their software.

    “There is a long-term mindset with Indpro and their dedicated team. That's why we've chosen to work with them for several years”


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